Following Information of Agents’ Employees (If Any) who are involved in facilitating an Enrolment
Company information:

Please provide us with a sample or your organisation’s promotional materials and advertisements (English and any other applicable languages) - attach the documents (if available)
Please attach the following to your application:
PLEASE PROVIDE CONTACT DETAILS OF TWO REFEREES (Preferably Australian education providers or alternatively, business referees): *Please Note these referees will be contacted
First Reference
Second Reference
  • I/ We understand that submitting this ‘Agent Application Form’ to Yarra College Australia, does not grant or guarantee registration as an agent for recruiting domestic and / or international students.Yarra College Australiareserves the right to cease all business dealings with me / us if we mislead prospective students or misrepresent Yarra College Australia as authorised agents or representatives of Yarra College Australia.
  • I/We prepared to enter into an agreement with Yarra College Australia
  • All the information provided above is true and accurate.
  • I am interested in representing Yarra College Australiaas an education agent and I agree to do so in an honest and professional manner as per the National Code of Practice for Registration Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students (The National Code) and the ESOS Act 2000
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